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Now get your bucket of popcorns and be comfortable in your couch because Imagine Movies is here to take you to a world of action, comedy, thriller, suspense and lit more than you can think. Stocked up with the best and the most loved Bollywood movies it is definitely a one stop destination that can entertain everyone from young till old. What more awesome is that you could even request to show your favourite movie and it would be granted.

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My Wifes Murder

  • Abhiman
  • Chocolate
  • Samay
  • Mangal Pandey
  • Straight



Imagine Movies is the best and most favourite movie channel because it has everything that one needs. If you are up to some adventure we have the best action-thriller movie, if your mood is low and you could definitely want some laughter around your house then our awesome stomach achingly funny comedy genres would definitely leave your jaws in pain. It has the rightful element of fun, entertainment, thrill, suspense and joy that no other channel has in store.


An exciting and mouth watering treat for all you foodies out there. Imagine Movies now airs kitchen delight, the cookery program that lets you learn a host of delightful recipes to make you a better cook, an excellent host, the perfect homemaker, and make food that is actually pleasing to the platter. Learn a host of recipes from varied cuisines, and be the cook you always wanted to be!

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